Monthly Subscription Package

If your email marketing needs are fairly predicatable, then the Monthly Subscription Package is for you. It offers the best price per email as well as an additional 10% discount on top of the advertised rates (when you pay 6 months at a time).

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Pay-As-You-Go Package

If your email marketing needs are sporadic, infrequent or can really vary from month to month, then the Pay-As-You-Go Package is best for you.
It gives you maximum flexability by letting you choose when to use your credits with no monthly fees.

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Additional Premium Services

For customers who need assistance developing or fixing an email template design, formatting and uploading contacts lists or managing and scheduling email campaigns, our premium services team can assist you.

Turn-Key Service.
We will upload your recipient list, your design, (if delivered in html) test your campaign as well as send your email campaign for you.
Creative Content.
We will write or re-write your content (in html form) avoiding spam-filter trigger words & creatively delivering your message.
Template Design.
We will design a custom template that is email-friendly for you to use repeatedly.

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