Swift Fox Mail truly is a sleeker, faster, more intelligent way to send email. Once you’ve signed up and logged in, you’ll see the user interface is very easy to understand and navigate. Sending your first campaign is as easy as 1-2-3-4.

  • Step 1 – Create a Contact List, outlining what email address and sender name you’d like email to appear to be from.
  • Step 2 – Import (or manually add) contacts to your list by saving them from a CSV file on your computer. (A Microsoft Excel file can easily be Saved As a CSV).
  • Step 3 – Choose from a wide variety of templates or design your own email under Email Campaigns.
  • Step 4 – Finally, Send the email by telling the system what Email Campaign to associate with what Contact List.

If you’re confident enough that you’d like to give it a try ( and you’ve already contacted us to get your account setup) then login now. If not, feel free to watch our 6 tutorial videos that introduce you to the interface and walk you through each of these steps (These videos are embedded but you’ll want to maximize the size of each one by clicking the “Full Screen” icon in the bottom right corner as well as the resolution by selecting 720p).

Userface Introduction
Step 1 – Creating A Contact List
Step 2 – Importing Contacts Into Your List
Step 3a – Design & Content Part 1
Step 3b – Design & Content Part 2
Step 4 – Putting It All Together: Sending An Email