Slow Growth = Sustainable Business

Posted on: January 15th, 2011 by Omni Online

I was looking over some statistics of one of our clients today and what really caught my eye were their email list sizes and the slow constant growth that was evident there.  This particular client has been doing a fabulous job of maximizing Swift Fox Mail to help grow their business.

So What’s Their Process?

Each month they send about 1 email out to their list of recipients. There is always fresh exciting news. They are usually highlighting a promotion, sale or major event.¬† The subjects of their emails are always inviting, things like “You’ve been waiting for this” or “free product x”.
The messages are brief and to the point and focus on the benefit to the recipient.

As a result – I’ve also watched their recipient list grow over the last year or so by almost 50%.
While that huge growth is exciting it hasn’t happened overnight. Each month they have been growing their by just 3-6%.
But over several  months this constant growth adds up.

This is a prime example of how you can leverage Swift Fox Mail to help grow your business slowly and surely…
and that is a key to having a thriving sustainable business!

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