How can Swift Fox Mail help my Business?

Posted on: December 1st, 2010 by Omni Online

Swift Fox Email enables you to stay in contact with your clients without spending hours upon hours on the computer or telephone.

For instance, you can create a database with pertinent information regarding each client, then schedule  automatic emails to be sent to your clients regarding products, promotions or service-specials as well as other news that might interest them and bring them back to your shop. With interesting emails that relate specifically to your clientele, your emails will become valuable pieces of communication that your customers will look forward to receiving.   And since you can schedule emails to send automatically (depending on the original information that you put in the database) you spend less time and less money, all the while targeting clients with effective, useful communication!  As a result you have more resources to point towards other aspects of your business.

With email newsletters, you can provide interesting facts about your existing products, new tantalizing features of your new products as well as exciting time-sensitive sales and promotion information!  With easy-to-use templates, writing a newsletter is quick and simple and gets your message out to the entire database within minutes. Another additional benefit to email newsletters is that they are easily forwarded on to others by the recipients in your list, effortlessly multiplying your marketing reach without any extra work on your part.

A great example of this might be if you were running a special on a particular product but didn’t have the funds for a large advertising campaign. With Swift Fox Email, you can quickly create an announcement with an attached coupon and link to your own website instantly. Send it out to your entire email database and watch the word spread.

Becoming a part of your clients’ lives and reminding them of why your product or service is important and fun will bring them back again and again. With automatic emails, email newsletters and email coupons, your clients will look forward to your messages and pass the information on to friends. Get back on the track to success without breaking your marketing budget by using Swift Fox Email.

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